WCC III Systems Overview

Economical For Small Systems
Because Of Modular Construction

The WCC III System is comprised of a Master Communications Device "MCD2" that operates primarily as a distribution point for control schedules and data used and shared by direct digital control panels (satellite controllers and terminal unit controllers) distributed throughout the building.

Satellite controllers and terminal unit controllers provide the actual control and are added and programmed to suit your specific system requirements.

Menu Driven Program Makes System
Set-up Easy And System Operation
Even Easier
All steps of the WCC III operation including initial satellite controller set-up are menu driven. This means operators do not have to be system programmers, and changes can be made without referencing a complex computer program.

Reduced Costs
Equipment Cost is reduced because the system including satellite controllers is modular. You only buy the number of satellites required. Satellites have capacity for 8 selectable inputs (analog or binary), 16 binary and 8 analog outputs, and there are expansion boards available to extend binary inputs and outputs along with analog outputs.

Installation Cost is reduced because “Global” information gathered at one satellite can be shared with other satellites, eliminating wiring runs and control duplication.

Direct Digital Control further reduces costs because satellite controllers interface directly with valve and damper actuators, eliminating costly intermediate controls.

Terminal Unit Controllers Reduces Wiring Costs
Use of terminal unit controllers further reduces installed costs by greatly reducing field wiring and often allowing factory installation of controls on terminal units to reduce field labor and wiring errors. Special satellites and terminal unit controllers are available to control fan coil units, heat pumps, and pressure dependent and pressure independent VAV and fan terminal boxes.

Operating Costs are reduced through menu driven programs, including adaptive optimal start, demand limiting, deadband spreading, duty cycling, night setback, and other programs you can create for your specific requirements thru the logic programs related to global commands.

Equipment Replacement Costs drop because equipment lasts longer. Close monitoring and logging of performance and run time means service needs can be recognized before a serious breakdown occurs.

Improved Cost Management
Equipment and lighting are precisely controlled during “normal occupancy hours”. After hours override by tenants permits logging or extra usage so that costs can be properly allocated to tenants/departments using extra energy.

Improved Comfort
Happy People: Comfortable tenants do not move out, and comfortable employees work more efficiently. The WCC III is designed to monitor and control each terminal unit in the building. Control is precise, and alarms are displayed when any temperature exceeds limits. Corrective action can be taken before occupants become aware of a problem.

Tenant Override and Report:
The override allows up to 500 different tenants to override lights, heat, and air conditioning (or other functions) for a selectable time period. Overrides are logged and totaled by tenant and subcode for monthly billing purposes. Up to 12 month log is stored by month for each tenant.

Remote Monitoring/Alarm E-mail
Increases Efficiency For Owners
Of Multiple Buildings
The WCC III system is supplied with remote access for authorized operators. Setpoints, schedules, etc., may be changed and system status monitored from this remote location. Thus, the performance of multiple buildings can be monitored from a single location and alarm reports automatically received at this or any other location through the alarm e-mail function of the WCC III.

Enhanced Graphic Option
An enhanced graphics program (WGCC3) with custom and standard symbols and drawing package is available for the user designing further refinement of graphic capability.

Internet Access:
Improves communication on large facilities: The ability to have multiple operators that can have access to the system simultaneously. This truly optimizes system performance by coordinating all service maintenance and operators’ input in one operating program.


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